Computer Repair Services in Cambridge, UK

We offer a variety of computer, laptop and smartphone repair services in the Cambridgeshire area.

Laptop running slow? PC will not boot? O.B.T.M. can fix it!.

We will pickup, repair and drop off within the same day (subject to parts availability). Often we can even fix the problem on site too!

Computer Repair Services that we offer.

Computer Recovery.

We use diagnostic tools to analyze your computer and find the source of hardware faults. We can strip the machine down and replace faulty parts and perform data recovery services on faulty hard drives. We offer a comprehensive service and will re-install operating systems and software so that you are ready to go as soon as possible.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Please follow the link to read about our laptop screen replacement service

'PC M.O.T.' Tune Up & Service

Is your computer running slow, freezing up or overheating? If so then perhaps its time for a service. We will come and pick up your PC and perform a full diagnostics on the machine. We remove nasties and can bring your computer back to speed by removing software bloat. We provide the following as part of our standard service:-

Full system diagnostics including Virus and malware check.
A moderate level of software tune up, including changing system settings (BIOS) and best practices
Hardware tuning, and dust cleaning (excluding keyboards)
Snapshot backup of harddrive which we keep for 3 months for undoing our changes (on request)
A tune up reminder in 6 months time (you can opt out)
20% loyalty voucher towards your next tune-up.
A printed summary of our changes including recommendations for hardware upgrades if necessary