Personal Computer Upgrade Service, Cambridgeshire UK

No PC knowledge necessary, no patronising half right advice just a simple chat about your use and budget and leave the rest to us.

General information about our upgrade service.

If you don't want the expense of buying a new PC, why not upgrade your existing one? We can take a look at your existing computer and can source upgrade parts to give your PC a new lease of life. Contact Us for a quote today.

Memory Upgrade

Additional RAM is an easy install, we can normally install it while you wait for a nominal charge.


We can provide additional storage through an upgraded or additional hard drive in your existing machine.


We can install graphics cards to give you that extra 3D & Gaming performance.

Core Upgrade.

Normally when you upgrade the processor you are looking for a newer generation of chip. This means you have to upgrade your motherboard & sometimes RAM at the same time. There can also be an extra power overhead which means you will have to buy a PSU aswell. This means you are neer enough to replacing the entire guts of your system. We can certainly do this kind of extensive upgrade for you and we will even part exchange your old parts.

A personal computer from a personal service...

All of our computers built for customers in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding regions benefit from these additional perk